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VerySpas® Collection Inflatable Spa The Spa rigid or the luxury inflatable allows everyone to enjoy a spa at home. VerySpas® Collection Infrared Saunas Discover our wide range of Saunas Infrared.

Inflatable spa VerySpas® Collection The Luxury Inflatable Spa allows everyone to enjoy a spa at home.
It can be positioned indoors as well as outdoors. The VerySpas® inflatable spa jacuzzi is known to bring many benefits. The action of the multiple hot water massage nozzles relaxes each of the muscles, promotes blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the body.
The benefits of hydrotherapy are well established, both for athletes and for tired workers. Plug it in wherever you want, fill it, heat it up, and in a few minutes, relax with its dozens of massage jets.
The inflatable spa is as easy to assemble as it is to use.

VerySpas® Infrared Saunas
Collection Discover our wide range of infrared saunas. Enjoy more of the benefits of a sauna thanks to the new infrared technology that causes more sweating than a traditional sauna.
The Carbon Infrared Sauna more effective and better for health.

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